A Morning with the Stern Family

You may have heard it's been raining in the Portland area. Rivers are flooding, roads are closed, it's crazy. So when it came time for me meet the Stern family and take their family photos, outdoors was not looking like a viable option. Between the rain, a two year old and a newborn our options were few. 

Luckily the Sterns have a beautiful home, and were open to switching up the plan from a mini session for holiday photos to an in-home lifestyle session (my favorite!).

We spent about an hour together and had a great time playing Dreidel, reading stories, having tickle fights, and just spending some good quality, family time together.

Here's a few of my favorites from the morning:

Xander is 4 | Family and Birthday Photos

This is a family that you've seen a few times on the blog, but are you surprised? They are the most adorable and just happen to be a family that I love very much. Jenni from A Well Crafted Party was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Portland three years ago, and Xander's first birthday party was one of the first photo shoots I booked here as well.

I've taken portraits of Xander each year since then to celebrate his newest milestone around his birthday and I've come to cherish my time with this little cutie.

This year he a has baby brother on the way soon (YAY!) and I couldn't resist adding mom, dad and baby-brother-to-be in the images as well. We met up downtown and we all quickly fell in love with both this yellow wall, and the gorgeous light of sunset. Summer light in Portland cannot be beat.

Fall Session Special